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Film is about stories, emotions and the special feeling you have, when you  discover  something unexpected. There is no need to use big equipment. If the story is perfect, technology doesn’t matter. In my business life, the most is about cars and automotive. To connect cars to the real world is creating stories that enter the brain emotional. I love to create  theses stories with movement, action and the unexpected twinkle in the eye. But there is always a chance to explore something new. To use new technology to create the special  new look or the new way of story telling.  I strongly believe into the phrase if you stop moving, you will step back; and that is not what I want.

The other part of my business life is committed to nature.I love to tell stories about wildlife especially sea life. I believe that the only way to protect nature is showing people what they will lose if an entire species will be gone. To make them realize, that our nature is worth being protected, people must understand the circle of life at sea and land. In my opinion films are the best to achieve the goal of understanding.

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